Sunday, 19 October 2014

How to Make a Strawberry Jam

Take about 15 cups of fresh strawberries and clean them. Cut them into halves or chop them. Put the strawberries in a non-reactive container and add 2 cups of the organic sugar. For sugar to drain out the liquid from the strawberries by osmosis, leave the mixture at room temperature for half an hour.Then cover the container and refrigerate over night for maceration. 

After removing the strawberries from the fridge, add 4 and half cups of organic sugar, 8 tbsp of powdered pectin, and half cup of fresh lemon juice or vinegar to it. The fruits can also be added as per choice. 

Boil the contents over high heat, in large pan with continuous stirring for about half an hour or till the mixture becomes consistently thick or trickle down like honey. Be careful as the foam may spill over during the boiling.

Then stop cooking and transfer the jam into the jars.Put the lid tightly on the jars and dip them in a boiling water bath for about 15 minutes, then place them on a cloth and cool them for 24 hours. This processing preserves the jam and makes the jars airtight, as the lids would become concave due to vacuum. 

Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by PatrĂ­ciaR