Friday, 17 April 2015

The Benefits of Vegetable Juice in Skin Care

Fresh Vegetables
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by TSgt Samuel Morse

The trend of vegetable juie is increasing and those who do not relish them in cooked form could take the vegetable juice.
A glass of vegetable juice contains plenty of proteins and provides sufficient energy which gives enough nourishment to the body. There is enough fiber in the vegetables which is very beneficial for the body and digestion.
The intake of vegetable juice thrice a week is very good for health. Every vegetable has its own taste and benefit.
The vegetable and fruit juices are different. The fruit juice is extracted through juicer, while the vegetables are ground in mixer and then the juice taken out.
The juice of several vegetables like broccoli, spinach, bitter gourd, cucumber, and green coriander leaves could be extracted. It keeps us healthy and gives extra glow to the skin.

Bitter Gourd
The juice of bitter juice is good for diabetes and reduces the accumulated fats from the body. Add little lemon to the juice if it seems to be bitterer.

The juice of spinach is good for those on dieting. It contains enough vitamins and proteins which make it beneficial for the overall health of skin, hair and vision.

The kiwi juice is full of several vitamins and minerals and is very good for the health. \

It contains iron, protein, calcium, carbohydrate, chromium, vitamin A and vitamin C. It provides glowing skin and helps the body to fight against cancer.

Bottle Gourd
The juice of bottle gourd helps in alleviating obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol,heart diseases etc, It should not be taken if it is bitter.

Coriander Leaves
 The juice of green coriander leaves helps in the metabolism and removes the toxic substances from the body. It also helps in anemia.

The sour juice of mangoes in summer rehydrates the body and helps the body to cope with the scorching heat of the sun.

The daily intake of cucumvber juice helps in obesity and provides skin glow. It is easily digestable and removes the toxins from the body.

The cabbage juice contains calcium, iron and omega 3 fatty acids. Its juice is very beneficial for skin and body.

It contains the elements beneficial for the helath of the skin. The daily intake of avocado juice will provide the glowing skin.