Monday, 25 April 2016

The Health Benefits of Rice Water

In an effort to make the food delicious the people throw away the healthy and nutritious things. One of such thing is the thick rice water, which is left after the cooking of rice. This water is generally left when the rice is not cooked in the pressure cooker. Everyone relishes the rice but the intake of the boiled rice water is very beneficial for health.
The Rice Water
Wikimedia Commons by gran

This rice water is rich in several vitamins, proteins and minerals which are very beneficial for health, skin and even the hair.

Rice is the chief food in several regions and cultures. It is a lighter and easily digestible food and is equally preferable to the healthy and the sick people. The rice which is two or three years old is very delicious.
Here are some of the benefits of rice water.

1. The intake of the rice water is very effective for the people with digestive problem. It helps in the digestion of food. It is better to give cooked rice soaked for half an hour in milk to those with weak digestion. 

2. The rice cooked with green gram whole or split and ginger, turmeric, aesfidita in butter oil is a very nutritious diet. It is good for digestion, mind and health.

3. The rice water gives instant energy due to the rich amounts of carbohydrates in it.  

4. The rice water is very good for the mind and the body. It is best for Alzeihmer’s and improves the memory.

5. Prepare the paste of cooked rice in rice water or take rice with curd for diarrohea.

6. The rice water is also helpful for constipation. It cleans the digestive system in diarohea, if taken with brown sugar.

7. The intake of the water in which the rice has been washed with baking soda and brown sugar improves the functions of kidneys and regulates the urine.

8. The application of thick rice water as a face pack makes the skin shiny, supple and soft.

9. The rice water controls the blood pressure as it has least amount of sodium in it.

10. For thick, black, shiny and long hair, wash them with rice water. Apply the rice water on hair and let it remain for half an hour and then wash with clean water.

11. It gives relief in cancer too. According to researches, the rice has been found to contain the tumor suppressing compounds.