Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dangers of Cooking in Tap Water

The food cooked in chlorinated water can prove to be dangerous for the health. The recent researches have proved that the reactions of chlorinated water and iodised salt form dangerous chemicals which could lead to hospitalization.

Tap Water
Wikimedia Commons by Matthew Bowden
The researches discovered several new molecules formed due to the chemical reaction of chlorinated water and iodised salt.
The water is generally purified by adding the molecules of chlorine or chloramines
The chlorine and chloramine molecules in tap water react with iodised salt and form hypoiodic acid which nor harmful in ordinary conditions.

But when this acid reacts with other chlorinated molecules in water, food and other carbonic matter during the cooking process, it forms a dangerous iodised insecticide known as I-DPP. 
This insecticide is a new and unknown thing even for the environmentalists and chemical engineers. The scientists have discovered and identified 14 new molecules which are 50 to 200 times more dangerous than other known harmful chemicals.