Sunday, 20 March 2016

How to Keep vegetables fresh and cooking art

Here are few tips to keep the kitchen items fresh and cook the foods. 
Women in Kitchen
Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons by Nemracc

1. Keep an apple in the basket of potatoes to save them from getting rotten and to keep them fresh.

2. Wrap the bananas in newspaper and put them in the fridge so that they may remain fresh and do not turn black.

3. Do not put the milk directly on gas stove after taking it out from the refrigerator as the temperature variation may split it. 

4. Put few leaves of guava into the frying oil for fried loaves or puris to avoid froth formation and to make the puris white. 

5. Add a teaspoon of butter oil or lemon in case the excess chilies had been added to the cooked food. It will lighten up the effect of chilies. 

6. Before washing the water bottle add few grains of rice and little water and shake it. It will completely clean the bottle. 

7. Add few grains of rice into the potatoes during frying to keep them free from moisture.