Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Anti Ageing Wheat Grass

                                                                         Wheat Grass
                                                Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Malyadri

The wheatgrass is one of the most nutritious superfoods as it has rich amounts of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients needed by the body.

The wheat sprouts or the wheat grass is a baby wheat plant and has wonderful health benefits. There is no disease in which it is not beneficial. Like all superfoods, wheat grass has a long list of health claims and it is the best anti aging food.

It contains several nutrients. The main constituent in it is chlorophyll. It helps in purification of the blood, anemia, high blood pressure, cold, asthma, sinus, digestion, stomach ulcers, swelling in intestines, tooth problems, weak gums, eczema, pyorrhoea, kidney problems, ear ailments, thyroid etc.
                                                                        Wheat Grass Juice
                                              Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Malyadri
Haemoglobin is the main constituent of blood and it is mainly composed of heamen which is chemically similar to chlorophyll. Both have the same structure and number of atoms of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. The only difference is that magnesium is situated in the atomic centre of chlorophyll, while in haeman it is iron. So chlorophyll and hemoglobin are almost similar and that is why the green sprouts of wheat are called green blood.   
It improves digestion, strengthens the lever functions by removing the toxins from the body.
It gives energy to the body and gives protection against cancer and diabetes.


The wheatgrass could be grown at home in a kitchen garden and it takes about two weeks from planting to harvesting. It is harvested at a time when it has the highest nutritional value.

The wheatgrass could be taken either directly in juice form or mixed in with a smoothie or shake or juices. It could be made into a powder too.

The wheatgrass juice and dried wheatgrass powder or pills are available in the market.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Beetroot and its Benefits

Yellow, white and pink/white striped beetroot (visible when sliced)
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by
 Beet man

The friendship with beetroot is very beneficial for the health. It could be taken as vegetable or or in juice form. Its juice is the best among the vegetables. It could also be taken as a salad.
The juice helps in the formation of blood in the body and is very good in anemia. It contains sufficient amounts of iron and helps in activating and restructuring the red blood cells. It helps in the assimilation of acarbonic calcium.
It increases the immune system of the body and the carbohydrates present in it provide energy to the body.
The juice of beetroot is the best in jaundice, hepatitis, nausea, vomiting,
It helps in piles, fever and kala azar.
It contains sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, chlorine, iodine, iron and several vitamins.
It contains enough carbohydrates and moderate amounts of proteins and fiber.
Biol and filter the white beetroot and apply the extract on abscess, pimples and burns to get relief from them. It cleans the skin. By helping in the formation of haemoglobin in the body it provides redness and facial glow.
Put some vinegar in the extract of beetroot and apply on hair or dip the piece of ginger in the extract and massage the hair at night and rinse in the morning to get relief in dandruff.
The daily intake of two cups of the mixed juice of beetroot helps in regulating the blood pressure.

It is better to take the beetroot in moderate amounts as the excess intake of it is dangerous.

The health benefits of Dates

Dates on Palm
Wikimedia Commons by Irshadpp
The body needs to adapt itself with changing seasons by following little changes in the eating habits for fitness and overall health. Certain foods give special benefits in winter. That is why dates is called the dry fruit of winter. The regular intake of it saves the body from several ailments. It gives maximum benefits, when taken with milk.
It is the rich source of several vitamins, minerals and fluorine. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus in rich amounts.
The fluorine in dates helps to delay the tooth decay, while the calcium in it helps to strengthen the teeth and bones.
It is very beneficial for those who wish to increase the weight of the body.
It has dietary fiber which is both soluble and insoluble, which keeps the digestive system healthy. It is rich in amino acids.
It is highly nutritious and instant energy giver as it contains natural sugar like fructose, glucose and sucrose.
It is very beneficial in gastric cancer as it has no side effect.
It helps to increase the eyesight and its regular use helps to get rid of night blindness.
The regular intake of dates helps to control the blood sugar levels.
The intake of it with honey is very beneficial for the weak children and this remedy helps in diarrhea too.
The children wetting the bed at nigh should be given the dates with milk before going to bed. It is beneficial for those who repeatedly go to urine.
It keeps the heart and mind healthy. The rich amount of potassium and moderate quantities of calcium in it helps the proper functioning of the nervous system.
The use of dates for few days by eating 3-4 fruits washed in warm water helps to get rid of the problem of low blood pressure.
The presence of iron in dates helps in anemia and stimulates the the formation of blood.
It is beneficial for the proper functioning of lever.
It completely cleans the digestive system. Keep it soaked in water overnight and drink the contents in the morning to improve the digestive system.  
It has little fats and no cholesterol. It controls the levels of cholesterol.

Burn the kernel of dates and apply the powder on wounds for speedy healing.