Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The health benefits of Dates

Dates on Palm
Wikimedia Commons by Irshadpp
The body needs to adapt itself with changing seasons by following little changes in the eating habits for fitness and overall health. Certain foods give special benefits in winter. That is why dates is called the dry fruit of winter. The regular intake of it saves the body from several ailments. It gives maximum benefits, when taken with milk.
It is the rich source of several vitamins, minerals and fluorine. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus in rich amounts.
The fluorine in dates helps to delay the tooth decay, while the calcium in it helps to strengthen the teeth and bones.
It is very beneficial for those who wish to increase the weight of the body.
It has dietary fiber which is both soluble and insoluble, which keeps the digestive system healthy. It is rich in amino acids.
It is highly nutritious and instant energy giver as it contains natural sugar like fructose, glucose and sucrose.
It is very beneficial in gastric cancer as it has no side effect.
It helps to increase the eyesight and its regular use helps to get rid of night blindness.
The regular intake of dates helps to control the blood sugar levels.
The intake of it with honey is very beneficial for the weak children and this remedy helps in diarrhea too.
The children wetting the bed at nigh should be given the dates with milk before going to bed. It is beneficial for those who repeatedly go to urine.
It keeps the heart and mind healthy. The rich amount of potassium and moderate quantities of calcium in it helps the proper functioning of the nervous system.
The use of dates for few days by eating 3-4 fruits washed in warm water helps to get rid of the problem of low blood pressure.
The presence of iron in dates helps in anemia and stimulates the the formation of blood.
It is beneficial for the proper functioning of lever.
It completely cleans the digestive system. Keep it soaked in water overnight and drink the contents in the morning to improve the digestive system.  
It has little fats and no cholesterol. It controls the levels of cholesterol.

Burn the kernel of dates and apply the powder on wounds for speedy healing.