Wednesday, 24 December 2014

What is Vitamin D and what are its benefits

Sunbathing Women
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Ed Yourdon 
The nutritious diet is necessary for overall health. The diet could not be healthy unless it contains vitamins in right proportion. 

The body needs all types of vitamins but vitamin D is one such vitamin which fulfills several needs besides making the bones strong and healthy.
It strengthens and regulates the immune system, controls the body weight, gives benefits in depression and helps in the functions of the brain. Therefore vitamin D should be included in daily diet for overall health.

Sunlight is the chief source of vitamin D. At least half to one hour basking in the sun fulfills the daily needs of vitamin D in the body.

Fish is another rich source of vitamin D. The non vegetarians could include fish in their daily diet to replenish the needs of vitamin D. The fish contains rich amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which make the heart healthy. The fish like salmon, tuna, hilsa are the rich source of vitamin D.

The milk and milk products like curd, cheese etc., also fulfill the needs of vitamin D and calcium in the body.

The pasteurized food like bread, milk, cheese, soy milk etc., also contain vitamin D and should be included in daily diet by the vegans.

For vegans another important source of vitamin D is whole grain. Wheat, husk, rice and dalia are the rich sources of vitamin D.

The orange juice is a rich source of vitamin D and should be included in daily diet.

The sources of vitamin D are limited and its requirement could be fulfilled by vitamin D tablets.

Eggs are the easiest source of vitamin D and they could be included in breakfast. The white part of the egg is a rich source of vitamin D.

The regular use of cod lever oil also fulfills the need of vitamin D.