Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Right Way to Drink Water

It is advisable that everyone should take water in empty stomach after getting up in the morning. It will control obesity, stomach disorders, skin problems and regulate the digestive system

A glass of Water
Wikimedia Commons by Jean Fortunet
1. The water should be taken in small droughts as it helps the saliva to enter the stomach with water.

2. The acid oozes out from the stomach, while the saliva is a base and it is a well known chemical formula that Acid + Base = Salt + Water. So the pH value of digestive system gets neutralized.

3. Therefore it is advisable to take small droughts to send antacid to the stomach. It will regulate the digestive system and the stomach will remain soft and loose like water.

4. Always drink water in sitting position. The blood supply to the brain becomes low due to gravity in standing position and may further lead to the risks of brain haemorrhage.

5. The saliva has medicinal properties and helps in internal healing too.

6. The temperature of the drinking water should be that of the body. The water should neither be too hot nor too cold. The chilled water puts extra stress on the stomach and the working capacity of different organs including heart, brain etc. starts becoming slow.