Friday, 3 July 2015

Add Beans to regular Diet

The beans are green legumes available in fresh dry or packed forms. They are rich in soluble fiber, proteins and nutrients but have fewer fats. They are free from saturated fats and are best source of several nutritious elements especially the vitamins and minerals.

Any nutrient diet containing beans is best for heart and overall health on one hand and weight loss on the other.
Fresh Beans
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Thamizhpparithi Maari

For Heart and Health
The rich contents of nutrients in beans strengthen the heart. The soluble fiber present in beans balances the levels of blood sugar and reduces the blood cholesterol.
Balance the Body Weight
Go for green vegan diet containing beans if the measures to reduce weight bring no results. The intake of the products containing beans help in weight loss. The beans could be used in any form. They contain rich amounts of proteins.
The weight of obese people or those with a habit of overeating and taking high protein, high fiber and fewer calories containing food, is less than those taking regulated amount of calories, high carbohydrates and less fats in regular diet.  

Nutrient Diet
Like other green vegetables and fruits, the beans are also full of nutrients needed for the normal functioning of the body.  They contain fewer calories. The copper in beans interacts with iron to form red blood corpuscles. The copper regulated the blood flow, boosts immune system and strengthens the bones.  The presence of phosphorus and magnesium in beans further strengthen the bones. The potassium and magnesium regulate the pressure of blood.

Rich Iron Contents
A cup of cooked beans gives 32% of the amount or iron needed per day for men and 14% for women. The right amount of iron is badly needed by the body to synthesise red blood cells and its cellular energy source called ATP iron.     

Calcium Contents
Beans contain rich amounts of calcium. The calcium is necessary for the development and management of the bones and teeth. It is also helps in proper functioning of the heart.

Immune System
The vitamin C in beans removes the deficiencies of immune system. The vitamin C is an effective antioxidant which reduces the cancer causing free radicals in the body.